Put yourself in the shoes of a photographer whose goal is to find and take the best pictures possible of targets in the immensity of varied worlds, such as a city, a pirate island or a science fiction city.

The goal of this game is very simple: locate the targets as quickly as possible, and make your most beautiful shots of them! Note that your speed and the quality of the shots are both taken into account to count your points. Depending on the level of complexity, and the game mode, you have a limited number of attempts.

Targets can be fixed or moving. Beware of the similarity between some of them. Coins are hidden here and there, collecting them will increase your score. And if you have the time and the energy, try to find the hidden objects to get even more points.

New worlds and new targets will be added in the future updates (currently: three worlds, several hundreds of targets).



iPadComing soon, currently being tested.
macOSComing soon, currently being tested.